Management Policy

Our management policy seeks to:

  • Have our company remain a medium sized consultancy firm whereby we can assure our clients the highest quality service and the personal attention of at least one of our partners, at all times.
  • Continue to have a dynamic management structure, thereby opening up opportunities for all employees for advancement.
  • Encourage communication amongst all by continuing to have an “Open Door” policy.
  • Employ staff from previously marginalised communities in order to achieve a balance of personnel reflective of the demographics of the country.
  • Encourage and advance all employees to their full potential by continuing to sponsor further education and training.
  • Continue to expose our technical staff to all divisions within the firm in order to avoid stagnation within a particular discipline thereby ensuring the broadest possible exposure to all spheres of engineering.
  • Give just reward for performance expected.
  • Foster team spirit and unity amongst our staff by means of regular social and sporting events.